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A spring attached to the pedal assembly that provides some resistance during pedal depression and also assists in returning the pedal to an upright position.

Frequently asked automotive questions.

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Automotive | Questions, Knowledge, and Terms

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Replace the air filter...
Replace the air filter. An air filter can be described as...
What is hygroscopic?
This means it is adept at attracting moisture. Moisture...
What can I do if my vehicle...
If you are driving and the vehicle starts to overheat,...
Air pollution score
A score from zero to ten given by the EPA to each new...
Axle drive fluid
The liquid used for lubricating gears inside the axle.
Antilock brake system high...
The reinforced hose or hoses (with metal fittings at...
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Oil Change?
Oil change, this is one of the simplest car maintenance...

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